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Coaching (discovery session)

Includes 1 x 120 minute session


Hey, great to have you here! :) I wish I could be more personal at this point (AI isn't quite up for the task yet un/fortunately) but that's what we're here for, right? If you're reading this then you're considering getting a coach and a discovery call is the perfect opportunity to figure out if working with me is going to be right for you.

I'm going to assume that at this stage you've read or heard enough about coaching and/or about me to be keen to have a conversation and I always set aside 2 hours (regardless of whether or not we need that long) for us to really get to know each other, hear about what it is you're looking for and to be able to decide if and how to continue.

During our first meeting, with your permission, you will already be coached and it's not uncommon to take away valuable insights and/or experience significant shifts. What I ask in return is for you to only book yourself if you are seriously considering a 3 to 6-months coaching relationship. If you're looking for some free coaching then pretty please, with sugar on top, don't click the button! It's bad karma. Thanks for being respectful. Also, while I do not share my fees prior to our meeting (as my programmes are tailored to my clients' needs and therefore vary a great deal), the investment is considerable and will probably hurt a little. I believe this is necessary to tease out the right level of commitment to the journey ahead and I can speak from experience when I say it's almost always worth it (and I've gotten pretty good at spotting the "almosts" during these first 2 hours). Bottom line is: I work with people who are ready to invest in themselves and willing to put the work in. Coaching (from performance-oriented to existential) can lead to significant shifts, invaluable insights and results that can affect the course of your life forever. But it takes you to be committed to that change, to be courageous to face what's in the way and to work on yourself in the process. High fees make sure you stay on course and think twice before you commit halfheartedly.

Once you continue beyond this stage, you'll feel a little rush (hopefully). That's the excitement of being moments away of starting something powerful. You'll then be asked for your contact details and you'll be able to book yourself into my calendar. If you're in London or able to travel I recommend we meet in person in one of my East London locations. Alternatively we'll talk on the phone or meet in my Zoom room. You'll get all the necessary information later on. I'll also send you some questions which I invite you to consider before we meet. Don't feel obliged to write anything down, I'll be more than happy to hear it straight from you when we meet, but I'm equally happy for you to give me a bit of context. In fact, writing is a powerful exercise when it comes to organizing our mind.

For now that's it. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.



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